Online course

Inclusion in Europe moving towards prosperity and respect in many aspects, including education. However, the teaching professions face rapidly changing demands and require a new, broader and more sophisticated set of competences than before. The ubiquity of digital devices and applications, in particular, requires people to develop their digital competence. Especially when it comes to some social or physical barrier on the path to one's professions.

The Need for Lead training programme comprises 6 different EntreCompts-based independent modules and offers 35 resources that can be learned online. This was developed for social workers, caregivers, teachers, trainers and facilitators, targeting those who work with families with all types of disabilities.

The training programme provides instructions, self-directed learning activities focused on building the key digital competences for the future entrepreneurs, text materials, individual assignments, podcasts and videos, useful links and templates. Additionally the Guide for mental adaptation and Transformation will be found in the learning cabinet and can be downloaded for free.