The ‘Need for lead’ project is brought to you by a team of 5 expert partners from 4 European countries including; Germany, Hungary, Romania and two training centres from Spain. Together partners will use their knowledge and expertise in a collaborative environment to successfully implement the project goals.

CLICTIC S.L. – Galicia, España

Clictic is a training entity in the digital technology field, whose main activity is the provision of services to educational centres, public entities, and companies. Specifically, it has extensive experience in the development of learning platforms, the creation of digital content for training courses, and the development of ICT applications and software projects.

The entity counts on 13 permanent staff (technicians, managers, teachers, and administrative staff), and 150 students. We collaborate with public bodies such as the Galician regional government and local municipalities, but also with educational institutions, associations, SME companies, etc.

Terra Tech Förderprojekte e.V. – Germany

TERRA TECH is a non-governmental organization located in Marburg Germany, which is primarily engaged in humanitarian aid, emergency response, and development projects since 1986. The NGO aims to support people who suffer from poverty and distress. More than 400 projects in 53 countries provide the balance that keeps the organization moving. The motto of TERRA TECH is "empower people to help themselves", to assist people up to the point where they are able to improve their living conditions in the long-term by themselves and without being dependent on the help of others.

For 30 years, TERRA TECH has numerous successfully realized projects in Africa, South America, the Middle East, in Asia, and also Eastern Europe.

Today, the NGO provides in the fields of emergency aid and development cooperation:

  • Secure spaces for street children in India
  • Disaster preparedness for people in Nepal
  • Computer and agricultural trainings in Kenya
  • Food security for garbage collector families in Mexico
  • Support of families in Ukraine

TERRA TECH has a huge network of local partners and works with international cooperation. It is a relative newcomer to Erasmus+ projects; however, the staff working with them has vast expertise in the education and training sector, with significant experience managing projects ranging from care and the creative industries, migrant integration and outreach, employability and special needs education, volunteering, and humanitarian support.

Asociación Juvenil Almenaras – Málaga, España

This is an entity whose main mission is to involve young people, mainly with fewer opportunities, in the province of Málaga, and professionals - in the social field, to develop their ideas in an international context, offering them intercultural learning opportunities. The organisation works on strengthening European citizenship among the youngsters in the region of Malaga.

Almenaras works actively in the different actions of the Erasmus+ (European Solidarity Corps, KA1, KA2, KA3) and within other European international and national funds, including cooperation with the Youth Council and the local Government. The organization promotes different activities for youth, including young people with physical or mental diversities.

Since 2017, Almenaras has developed more than 20 youth mobility projects in the field of volunteering in rural areas, gender and LGTQI+ inclusion, people with functional diversity, rural and social entrepreneurship, youth activism, art and cultural heritage of rural areas, nutrition, and sexual education.

Asociatia Nevo Parudimos - Rumanía

Nevo Parudimos Association is a non-profit apolitical organisation founded by a group of teachers, Roma activists and students from Caras-Severin county in 2008. Nowadays, it is a member of national and international youth networks and works a lot on the local, national and international levels.

The general mission of Nevo Parudimos is to reduce economical, social and educational disparities in society and mainly to raise the involvement of Roma people, especially youngsters, to the society and combat inequality and discrimination through education and human rights. In addition, the organisation strives to make the voice of Roma people be heard.

The activities of Nevo Parudimos association are split in the following directions: inclusion of marginalised groups, education, culture, social work, community development, human rights, civil society development, antigypsysim and hate speech, as well as youth work and volunteering.

Együttható Közösségépítő Egyesület – Hungary

Együttható was founded by social professionals and enthusiastic young volunteers in 2010 to promote non-formal learning, innovative community services, and a new way of thinking in youth and social work. Együttható operates a youth information office in the 4th district of Budapest offering regular events and activities, which serves as an access point to the EURODESK network as well.

In 2014, Együttható opened an afterschool (Hatáspont Tanoda) located in Gyöngyös. Currently, the service offers daily tutoring and individually tailored development sessions for 25 young people with multiple disadvantages and are endangered by early school leaving. Inclusion of young people living with disabilities is an important objective at Hatáspont Tanoda - more than 20% of enrolled students are living with disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorder. Apart from individual tutoring and applying special pedagogy, non-formal education is a key method in developing the soft-skills of our students.

Starting from 2019, 6 ESC volunteers are complementing the work of teachers and social professionals working at Hatáspont Tanoda.