Need for Lead

There is a need to bring inclusion and equality of labour opportunities to European society after such a hard challenge as Covid-19. It applies especially to the family members and caregivers of people with all types of disabilities.

This can be achieved by shifting the mindset first of all. Second, there is a demand for professional support through various instruments that can be used to improve indoor well-being. Third, it should be demonstrated how people can use those tools, look for opportunities and not be afraid to use them. 

There is a need for lead!

Therefore, this Erasmus+ KA220 project was designed. The ‘Need for Lead’ project focuses on covering a labour gap caused by Covid and the lack of a support system for those who have to stay at home for caregiving responsibilities. It addresses unemployment opportunities and strives to improve the labour possibilities through socialisation and gaining knowledge about online entrepreneurship. Another objective is to help adult social workers, educators and active citizens find better connections with the above-mentioned group of people through the professional development kit. 

As a result, this will lead to the development of job opportunities and well-being. Step by step, we are moving towards a more inclusive and wealthy society.