Press release

June 30, 2022                                                                          Vigo, Spain

Educational center Clictic S.L. is happy to announce the start of the international project ‘Need for lead’. This project is the product of joint collaboration between two provinces Galicia and Malaga, as well as between German, Hungarian, Romanian organizations and is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme.

This project was designed as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic that has severe and long-lasting consequences around the globe, which are further aggravated for marginalized groups, people with disabilities, especially parents and families of those representatives of the vulnerable group. 

‘Need for lead’ partners seek to introduce solutions to the two main needs: job loss and mental struggling of family members and parents, who are facing a lack of communication. 

During the project’s implementation, the partner consortium will develop a Methodology of mental adaptation for those disadvantaged groups and training on online professions that will give space, time, flexibility to every individual involved.

An inclusive digital future of work is key to the achievement of this Sustainable Development, which is the main basis for the development of the ‘Need for Lead’ project. All stakeholders, including governments, companies, trade unions, employers’ organizations, centers of persons with disabilities, NGOs, have an important role to play in creating a digitally inclusive future of work that benefits all people. 

Moreover, the project opens its doors to the local governmental and non-governmental bodies. It is considered as a bridge between people with disabilities and their families with the whole national, local, and even international communities. 

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