‘Need for lead’ Online Guide on mental adaptation and transformation for family members of people with disabilities

 It will be created based on the research in participating countries about the needs of the organisations, social workers, and public bodies, that collaborate with people with disabilities. A Guide will include the methodology of working with parents and family members of those people; innovative approaches to working; types of online instruments, sources of communication, and creative methods. It is expected that social and community workers will use this Guide as an instrument to communicate and collaborate with family members of people with disabilities.

‘Need for lead’ Training on online employment for family members and parents of people with disabilities 

It will be created with an e-learning approach, for family members and parents of people with disabilities. It is expected that his training will provide adult individuals with up-to-date knowledge and entrepreneurial skills for working online.

‘Need for lead’ online platform for trainers  

Created an online accessible free-to-use platform where the previously developed training is allocated. It will assist educators and social workers to boost their knowledge of inclusion and digital transformation.