Investment in digital education and skills is on the way

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The European Commission adopted two proposals for a Council of Europe to address the
digital divide by improving digital skills teaching and ensuring universal access to inclusive
and high-quality digital education and training.
This initiative was designed as a response to the:

  • lack of a whole-of-government approach to digital education and training;
  • difficulties in equipping people with the necessary digital skills.
    Despite progress and some excellent examples of innovation, combined efforts have so far
    not resulted in systemic digital transformation in education and training. Member States still
    struggle to attain sufficient levels of investment in digital education and training
    infrastructure, equipment and digital education content, digital training (up-skilling) of
    teachers and staff, and monitoring and evaluation of digital education and training policies.
    This could be achieved by creating a coherent framework of investment, governance and
    teacher training for effective and inclusive digital education.
    As ‘Need for Lead’ project was designed as a tool for digital transformation to tackle each
    level of training, and, furthermore, to improve the inclusive employability in Europe, our
    partner consortium looks forward to pilot a European Digital Skills Certificate and see this
    initiative in work.

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