What is new about the inclusion? 

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As we have mentioned before, this year, the European Commission welcomes the political agreement on the European Year of Skills, which aims to promote inclusion at all levels. 

Thus, chambers of commerce and industry, education and training providers, workers and businesses will work together to promote skills development, thereby improving professional and life opportunities for everyone. This will enable Europe to become more competitive by boosting its workforce, and ensuring that the green and digital transformations and the economic recovery are socially fair and just.

The European Year of Skills will pursue four main objectives:

  • Promoting investment in training and upskilling, enabling people to stay in their jobs or find new ones;
  • Ensuring skills match the needs of employers, by closely cooperating with social partners and companies;
  • Matching people’s aspirations and skill sets with opportunities in the job market, especially for the green and digital transition and the economic recovery;
  • Attracting people from outside the EU with the skills needed.

‘To help Europe both attract and train people with the skills needed, the European Year of Skills will focus, among other things, on learning opportunities, mobility and the recognition of qualifications. This is an important step to address the skills needs and labour shortages and ensure that the green and digital transitions as well as the economic recovery are inclusive and leave no one behind’, mentioned Margaritis Schinas, Vice-President for Promoting our European Way of Life.

As our ‘Need for Lead; project directly targets equality, and human rights and aims to bring opportunities to the European citizens, we keep being on the pulse with all the updates from the Commission. Let’s see how we can join our efforts under the European umbrella. 

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