Greetings from Romania

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Happy to be in Resita (Romania) for the Transnational Partner Meeting, which was held by Nevo Parudimos. 

Our ‘Need for Lead’ project keeps going, learning materials are in the prep process and we are aiming to see progress. 

Thus, 11-12 of February, we had an opportunity to meet each other in Resita (Romania).  The Nevo Parudimos was the host and organised a welcoming visit for the partner from Spain, Germany and Hungary. 

The agenda was quite intense and included: 

  • Presentation of the final version of the Guide on the Mental Adaptation (Project Result 1)
  • Plans on the PR1 piloting by users and target groups
  • Presentation of the E-training drafts be every partner and defininng the next steps 
  • Management and dissemination milestones 
  • Interim report preparation 

Also, we have defined the next steps and tasks to be completed. 

At the moment, together with associated partners are testing Guide on the Mental Adaptation, working on the E-training preparation and drafting the MOOC, which will be the overall output of the ‘Need for Lead’. 

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