LTTA in Malaga: boosting inclusion and creativity 

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We all want to live in a wealthy society, where there is a place for every human being; where one’s business ideas can be implemented despite the physical state, race or religious background. For this reason, we need to develop inclusion.

But let’s dive deeper in this term first. Inclusion  is seen as a universal human right. The aim of inclusion is to embrace  all people irrespective of race, gender, disability, medical or other  need. It is about giving equal access and opportunities and getting rid  of discrimination and intolerance (removal of barriers). It affects all  aspects of public life.

Inclusion is an integral part of our ‘Need for Lead’ project. This project strives to open the doors of opportunities through the learning materials, psychological techniques and working approaches, which you can find on our learning platform.

To test these learning materials and to unite main beneficiaries from 4 different countries (Germany, Spain, Romania, Hungary), we met in the city of Malaga in the learning centre of our Andalusian partners from the Almenaras Association. 

It was a 7-days Learning Training Teaching Activity with 20 participants. What we have done: 

  • dove deeper in the knowledge about the inclusion, inclusive practices and cases in every participating country; 
  • Reviewed the Guide for Mental Adaptation and Transformation and applied some techniques from it;
  • Checked and piloted methods from the Learning Resources for the e-learning platform;
  • Collected feedback from the participants; 
  • Conducted dissemination activity and raised awareness about the Erasmus+ Programme. 

Now, we are working on adjusting the learning materials according to the feedback of the beneficiaries and translating them into every national language.

And here are some pictures from the wonderful experience: 

Stay tuned with us!   

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