Spanish Terrassa becomes the Capital of Inclusion and Diversity 

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Spanish city Terrassa becomes the Capital of Inclusion and Diversity 2023. 

Thus, the European Commission awarded the city under the category of local authorities above 50,000 inhabitants for its “strong intersectional and cross-cutting strategy around inclusion and diversity”, mentions EU Justice channel.

Silver and bronze awards are taken by Brussels Capital Region and the city of Helsinki accordingly.

In Terrassa City Council, they know equality policies are typically limited to women’s rights. Without excluding those, the municipality is committed to a broader concept of equality that includes the different axes of inequality. That is, gender, sexual and affective diversity, origin and racialisation, functional diversity, social class and age. To gather all these axes, the title of the awarded local strategy contains the word ‘equalities’ rather than ‘equality’ in singular.

Watch the video about the Terrassa City in the EU Justice Twitter: LINK 

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